Professional Eavesdropping (psst!)

In real life the art of conversation is as much about listening as it is talking.  So too on the social web. Listening, or – in social media terms – ‘monitoring the conversation’ – is a critical first s… Read More

Choosing a Celebrity MC for your event

One of the best things about being such an experienced Professional Speaker (read: been doing it a LONG LONG TIME) is that I’ve come across such a wide array of Speakers and can authentically refer other Speakers t… Read More

Gift Ideas For Clients

There’s no denying how delightful it is to receive an unexpected card or gift from a client/supplier or colleague. It’s equally as thrilling to choose a card/gift to send. I’m always on the lookout for … Read More

The Conference Name Badge

As a fan of unique and different ways of doing things, I’ve never been comfortable with a name badge. It’s a hard one to innovate/disrupt, don’t you think? In my creative thinking workshops I will often… Read More

Tips for the budding MC (emcee)

Since 1996 I’ve been a professional conference speaker and MC. Most speakers arrive at the event an hour or so before their speech then leave quite quickly afterwards. I have always found it imperative to attend as… Read More

Audio guided brainstorm

Need ideas quickly? You can use this audio piece I created … it is a guided brainstorm. Let me know how you go!